Jessie L. Star

I hail from a family of voracious readers and talkers who all relish in a good story and a well-crafted squabble. 

I was born in a small town in rural Australia and so learnt early the value of making my own entertainment ā€“ in my case, writing stories. This remains my favorite form of entertainment, along with reading too late into the night, having my heart broken on a regular basis by my football team, and pestering my long-suffering friends into watching the numerous TV shows Iā€™m addicted to.

I started writing online as a teenager (under the penname star123), and developed my style with the aid of a cohort of brilliant readers who provided a lot of helpful and encouraging feedback (and were not adverse to using caps lock if necessary!). 

I won six awards on Some Kind of Wonderful (SKoW) - an original romance awards site - and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. My first completed original story, So Much to Learn, has over 1.3 million views on

I write primarily New Adult and Young Adult romance stories, full of snark, banter, a smidgeon of heartache and people, ultimately, falling in love.